Combinaciones artesanales y repletas de color que nos inspiran

Artisan combinations full of color that inspire us

If there is something that differentiates us at World Family Ibiza, it is because we have a very own style based on that bohemian and more casual trend; an essence that we have not only transferred to fashion, but also to our vision and way of living life. Therefore, in our designs you will not only find fluid garments, colors that will transport you to nature and accessories that do not go unnoticed, but you will also see reflected our way of understanding beauty, our enthusiasm for supporting craftsmanship, and of course, our freedom when dressing and combining.

And it is precisely that freedom where we are going to focus today. The idea is to inspire you through our sets, where you will find beautiful mixes of dresses, shirts, bags, jewelry, accessories...combined with each other from an artistic point of view. Because the reality is that we have so many beautiful pieces in our boutique - both our own and from other artisans around the world - that... we had to show them to each other!

world family ibiza

This combination created by Goldie, reflects the idea that natural colors mix perfectly with the most striking colors, being able to create a complete look of dress, bag and accessories, both to wear them in a special moment or on any spring day. or summer.

world family ibiza

On this occasion, the dress chosen was one of our iconic ones: the Sababa dress , I'm sure many of you already know it, as it has been the star of many magazine covers. This dress especially enhances the female figure, and has an open back and a large embroidery on the upper front part, made with wool threads of different colors.

world family ibiza

As for the bags, we wanted to show you three options that combine very well. One of them is the Alok's Wallet, available in small and medium sizes, created in suede and in a turquoise color. A very functional bag that has several compartments inside with zippers and that can be worn either as a handbag or as a hanging or crossbody bag with an adjustable handle.

In the image, below right, is also one of our classics: the Afghani Wallet , the bag that started our brand more than 20 years ago. While traveling we found these handmade rugs from Afghanistan - each piece is unique and embroidered over many weeks - and we decided to turn them into a purse by folding them and adding skin. A World Family Ibiza classic!

world family ibiza

The last bag you can see is the Eagle Clutch , a more western style with studs, leather cutouts and a central eagle as the protagonist. With the creation of this bag we wanted to reflect a more rock essence, but without losing that mix of bright colors that characterizes us so much.

As accessories, the two fur pompoms are perfect for giving a touch of freshness to a more neutral bag, or even to use as a keychain. Further to the right we have some natural stone necklaces made by Bechi, the artisan jeweler par excellence of our boutique. The advantage is that, in addition to being beautiful, they weigh nothing and can be combined with other shorter necklaces.

world family ibiza

In the center of the image we have the earrings, the necklace and a round piece of decoration created by the Huichols, a community in Mexico that we are completely in love with; All of their creations are made by hand with colored beads, representing different figures and native symbols. And finally, traveling from Colombia to the world, we found this handmade headband made of rattan, a natural fiber. A flexible, comfortable and beautiful crown.

We hope that this little style guide has inspired you as much as it has us, and has helped you create your own combinations. Feel free, comfortable and powerful when it comes to dressing, because it is the most beautiful thing there is!


With all our love,


World Family Ibiza team




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