¿Cómo surgió el nuevo World Family Ibiza?

How did the new World Family Ibiza come about?

In this blog article we want to share with you how the idea of ​​creating the new project that we have built this year arose; As if out of nowhere we were able to raise a dream that for many years had always been very present in the family.

Our new World Family Ibiza project, which encompasses fashion & food, is the reflection of an illusion that began in March 2022, when the Curuné family, known for running their famous restaurant for several generations, decided to step back and transfer the business. At that moment we were offered the opportunity to give shape to what we had talked about during so many family gatherings: to create a new native place where our clients, friends and family could not only come to buy clothes, accessories or jewelry, but also could enjoy the experience while having a juice or toast and chatting quietly... and that's how it was, just a month later, in April, we launched!

In record time, the whole family got down to work and began to shape the main idea: to build a space where colors, good energy, joy and small details would distinguish us from the rest of the establishments on the island.

world family ibiza

Merel took care of all the creative part. She woven all the cushions in the restaurant by hand and one by one, decorated each lamp with feathers and shells and painted drawings and patterns throughout the room with borders. Alok put all his love into creating a playlist of tribal, namaste-style, relaxing, instrumental and ethnic music to set the mood for every moment of the day; As chef, Asher devised the menu of our dreams, full of multicultural dishes fused with his own touches, while Rama was in charge of all the logistics of the place: work team, room, materials, products... a real madness because we have never done it before!

world family ibiza

Meanwhile, Goldie and Carlota moved all the fashion parts that we had in our previous boutique to the new place, tuning each space with each bag and each dress so that everything looked just as beautiful as ever.

And so it was... overnight we became a unique space in Ibiza, different, with our own essence... a vibe that since we celebrated our opening party we have tried to transmit to all of you who visit us every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a coffee.

For us it is a dream to be able to share our lifestyle and work together as a family, and without a doubt, receiving beautiful messages every day about how much you enjoy with us here, in our and also your home, is the greatest satisfaction . For this reason and because we love to enjoy our island not only in summer but also in winter, we have decided to open World Family Ibiza throughout the year, so that, in this new season, you can come and enjoy a good fire at the entrance, of a hot chocolate, of a new menu, of our cous cous on Saturdays, of our barbecue on Sundays... and of the art, beauty, fashion, flavors and smells that surround the place.

world family ibiza

We hope that this new beginning is just that, the beginning of a great project that little by little is gaining momentum to become the place for Ibizans, residents, tourists and anyone who wants to feel the essence of our family. and of our life, because here, everyone is welcome!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support.

We wait for you!

With all our love,

the family

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