Descubre nuestro colorido y apasionante mundo gastronómico

Discover our colorful and exciting gastronomic world

As many of you know, a little over a month ago we opened our new restaurant; a space in which we have fused fashion with gastronomy and music to offer you an authentic multicultural experience, located on Carretera de San Juan km 17.

In this new concept, cooking is a fundamental pillar, which is why our chef and son of the family, Asher, decided to create a menu based on local products, betting on a Mediterranean fusion with signature touches and dishes inspired by gastronomy. from all parts of the world.

World Family Ibiza Food

Our connection with all tribes, ethnic groups and countries is so strong that at World Family Ibiza you can travel through the senses and aromas of Mexican, Japanese, Moroccan and Spanish cuisine without leaving your chair; And it is that if you visit so many different places from a very young age, in the end the flavors end up within you, your style, your tastes and your way of understanding the art of the food concept.

“I think our job as cooks or alchemists is to mix flavors that can transport you to these places, no matter how subtle the flavor is, as well as having a lot of tact and love for food,” says Asher. “When I start to create a dish, I don't only think about the flavor but also about the way to visually highlight the dish. I like that there is coherence in the mix, in the texture and in the view”.

If you visit World Family Ibiza, in our menu you can find all kinds of varieties. Fish, meat, cold dishes and many chef specialties.

On Fridays we celebrate our sushi night, on Saturdays at noon we prepare a special menu of cous cous with tea, at night we bring Mexican tacos to life and throughout Sunday, a special barbecue with all kinds of meat!

Some of our dishes

“As if it were a small garden”, is how Asher defines the essence of one of our star starters: humus.

World family ibiza food

Other specialties that are also in high demand are, for example, the beetroot gazpacho with a crunchy avocado toast finely cut with a knife, the sirloin with soy sauce and cassava chips, which recalls those trips through the streets of Thailand, and the prawns , made with a special and secret sauce, with which the fishing dream is evoked. Asher tells us like this: “When I shape the prawn dish I always imagine myself sitting in the bay of a fishing village in Asia, relaxing, enjoying the sound of the sea and tasting a dream food”.

World family ibiza food

If you are in Ibiza or if you arrive on the island on vacation and want to live this experience, come and meet us!

We are open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. on Carretera San Juan, km 17.

With much love and hope,

the family!

world family ibiza food

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