El súper trip en auto caravana de Merel y Alok por Marruecos

Merel and Alok's super caravan trip through Morocco

After many years without traveling by motorhome, we have ventured again to have our own house on wheels and to visit different beautiful parts of Morocco for a month; a trip that we have done many times, but this time by ourselves and without children; An incredible experience that we highly recommend and that we would love to repeat next year with the whole family and several caravans!

Before starting the trip we conditioned the entire caravan to our style, taking care of every detail with very bohemian and tribal touches, and we headed for Melilla. Once we arrived, we visited Chefchaouen, a mountain town of Berber origin, characteristic for the blue tones that invade each street and whose color was painted after the arrival of the Jews. During the trip we were able to enjoy an impressive landscape, with lots of greenery and large flowering trees; Quite the opposite of the fertile land of Fez, where snow and cold flooded the entire road, yes, it was just as beautiful and special. There we were able to visit the Berbers working with clay pottery, buy homemade honey and chat with the neighbors, who are as friendly and hospitable as ever, making us feel at home at all times.

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We continue the trip with many beautiful rivers and lakes in the background until we reach the city of Errachidía towards Merzouga, a humble town located in the Sahara desert, where we have many memories of years ago and great friends we missed. As many of you know, the markets are one of our great passions on each trip, in fact, we always spend hours and hours seeing, touching and feeling the magic of each piece we find; treasures that, as we always say, we cannot miss, especially the Mauritanian decoration, the djellabas for men and the handmade wool rugs, perfect for our private decorations in Ibiza. So, if you plan to visit Morocco, this Merzouga market is an essential stop to get lost and enjoy each stall!

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From there we went to Marrakech, with a lot of nature, camels and dromedaries, and where we stayed for three days because we also wanted to enjoy the markets since we knew many vendors. We took the opportunity to look for beanbags, more rugs, tribal masks for our Namaste party, clothes such as dresses, skirts and shirts, African decoration such as masks... and also little gifts for the family. It was very special because we parked the caravan in a place with beautiful views and after spending the whole day visiting each craft stall, arriving at our house, relaxing and sitting outside to enjoy the sunset and the views, it was a real gift.

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Safi, in western Morocco, has been one of our last visits. This is a place well known for its pottery, so we wanted to stop to see the pottery and painters' workshops. We buy plates, cups, teapots and bowls for the Cous Cous that we make every Saturday in our restaurant , although if we had to talk about a place that we fell completely in love with, it would be Oualidia, a hidden jewel in the Atlantic sea that has a huge lagoon in the that only breathes peace and tranquility. There we took a small boat, did some excursions and, above all, we ate a lot of fresh fish: crabs, prawns, clams...absolutely incredible to see how the fishing neighbors arrived every day with all their loads. Without a doubt, a real discovery for us because we had never been.

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Traveling in Morocco is extremely easy. We always found many vegetable and fruit stalls on the side of the road, as well as simple restaurants to stop at. Its contrast of landscapes, its culture and of course its people, make it a unique destination to which you always return; we return home with hearts full of love and experiences.

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See you very soon, Morocco!

With all our love,

Merel and Alok

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