Goldie y Carlota, la segunda generación de WorldFamily Ibiza

Goldie and Carlota, the second generation of WorldFamily Ibiza

Hello family and friends!

We are Goldie and Carlota , daughters of Merel and Alok, founders and creators of WorldFamily Ibiza . We are the second generation of this brand that is much more than a way of conceiving fashion, it is our philosophy of life, our way of being and above all our essence, that of the whole family. We are a brand that wants to transmit love, color and joy through unique designs that fuse stories and mix cultures from around the world.

Today we would like to introduce you and better explain what we do and for this we are going to tell you how our story begins:

Our parents met when we were three years old . It was a great gift that the universe united us and we started our path together at that moment (of course always close to our brother Asher). Our childhood was spent between a teepee and a truck on Benirrás Beach and perhaps for this reason we carry in our blood a profession that is part of our philosophy of life.

As a result of this way of conceiving life and family, today we carry the brand with a new vision and way of working, but with the same illusion and philosophy as its beginnings 20 years ago.

I - Goldie - run all the styling and design part of the brand by the hand of my mother, Merel. I confess that there is nothing more exciting for both of us than those moments that we share together, creating and letting all our imaginations flow. When the time comes to work on a new collection, we sit together in the middle of the field, we look for music that inspires us and we end the day creating unique pieces, made with all our love.

On the other hand, I - Carlota - was in charge of the entire organization of the company, developing new ideas and trying to always see one step ahead. Every day there are new challenges and I love being able to solve them together with my father, Alok . He has always been a reference for me and a great teacher in life.

During the 2020 confinement, the world took a 360-degree turn, but we are living moments of true union and complicity. It was then that we realized that we were ready to take the reins of the brand and put all our effort and work so that the company can transform and adapt to changing times. A new normality that launched us into the online world and that thanks to it today WorldFamily Ibiza is seen in all parts of the world.

That is why we would like to thank you from here. For following us and trusting in our garments and for understanding that we have been designing and making very special pieces for 20 years, handmade and with a lot of identity. Garments created with the heart and ready to be worn with pride and personality anywhere and at any time of the year.

Thank you because you are the ones who give meaning to this great adventure.

an infinite kiss,

Goldie and Charlotte.

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