Kamoen bag, un clásico de World Family Ibiza que ha vuelto para convertirse en tu bolso favorito del verano

Kamoen bag, a classic from World Family Ibiza that has returned to become your favorite summer bag

Something that often happens in our firm is that we receive messages asking about bags that were part of World Family Ibiza several years ago, this is the case of the special Kamoen Bag, a classic that we created for the first time ten years ago, made entirely by hand. and full of details that will make it your favorite summer bag. We assure you!

The name Kamoen Bag has a very special history, as it was named after a young boy that we met thanks to his mother, since she works with us in the workshop. He always accompanied her and loved seeing all the craftsmanship we did every day, his dream being to become a furrier like his mother. When we made the first example of this bag, she completely fell in love with it and wanted to learn how to make it. In honor of its name, its enthusiasm and its desire to discover more about our work, we call it Kamoen Bag. So, from here, Kamoen, we hug you and think of you.

The shape of this special Kamoen Bag shoulder bag is very particular. It resembles the traditional Spanish wineskin or the typical Galician instrument, the bagpipe. It has a medium size and is made with very soft cowhide that adapts completely to the body, giving it great fluidity. Worked with our emblematic waxed thread, with details such as flowers cut out of leather and superimposed in another color to generate contrast, rivets in silver studs, fringes, a front zipper with pocket and a very elaborate handle, since it also has textile embroidery on the inside. or a different skin color, depending on the model. The interior of this piece also has another small zippered pocket and a small pocket on the same side, ideal for storing your phone.

When it comes to wearing it, you can do it in two ways: either place it on the front of your body like a bag or put it on your back as if it resembled a kind of backpack. Here Goldie shows you in photos both ways!

This year at World Family Ibiza we are very inspired to make a kind of remember of the most best-selling pieces in our collection, and the Kamoen Bag is, without a doubt, one of them.

Of course, we have designed and created these eight unique models that you see here; There are no two alike, with different combinations of colors and fabrics, so, if you liked one, remember that you can purchase it on our website or through our Instagram profile.

Hurry because they fly!

As always, thank you once again for all the love and support we receive towards our creations. We feel very lucky and grateful.

Wishing you a nice day and with all our love,

Goldie and Carlota.







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