La boda de ensueño de Goldie y Jesús en Mazatlán, México

Goldie and Jesus' dream wedding in Mazatlan, Mexico

A short time ago we had the honor of being part of the most special wedding in the world: the union of Goldie and Jesús; a dream day in which the love and happiness of both of them vibrated together with all the family and friends, who came from different countries to share and celebrate something as special as this blessing.

For those of you who may be new to it, Goldie and Jesús met in a ceremony seven years ago. In that meeting they fell in love and since then everything has grown, so much so that today they have Onawa and Quetzali, two blessings that came to our family to make it more complete and happier!

They always tell us that when they imagined their wedding day it would be something far from conventional and very focused on the vision of life and the project they have together; a path based and inspired by love, respect and family. And so it was, several years later there was part of ours –Merel, Alok and Gaya– (and the rest in heart and thought), to share with them the beauty of life and the abundance of so many shared feelings.

The link between the two was in Mazatlán, the land where Jesus was born. There they found the perfect place to celebrate an intimate encounter; a sacred place by the sea where temascales are also often held.

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The ceremony actually began a few days before the official act, when the rest of the family and friends from all over the world began to arrive to help and to build a temple full of harmony and many beautiful flowers. Among all of them they did their part to help, collecting dry palms, giving a touch of color to each corner, helping with the cleaning of the land, climbing the trees to decorate them with dream catchers, and even preparing their own music to share in the next few days. days with all the guests.

“The truth is that everything flowed magically and without wanting to, there we were, about to share with all the people we loved the love we have for each other and the family we have built”, Goldie always tells us.

On the day of the ceremony, a beautiful mandala-shaped altar located in the center of the ground shone with its own light. Decorated with a multitude of flowers and candles, it symbolized union, harmony, respect and love, accompanied by a decoration made by hand by all the guests with dry palm trees, leaves and corn.

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Finally, the moment of the ceremony by the hand of his great friend Kat.

Goldie and Jesus picked up the flower laying, which depicted a traditional Mexican blessing known as Nawi Ollin, which had previously been sung and prayed to, and tied it together with two canes. With these sticks, the blessing was first made to them and to all the guests afterwards.

This beautiful ceremony was followed by the presentation in front of the fire as an official couple; a traditional symbology in Native American communities, which is also usually done with the arrival of a baby in the family.

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To finish enjoying such a magical day, Gaya and Alok delighted everyone with their music sets, with which they made all the guests dance throughout the night.

Without a doubt, a dream wedding that we will never forget!

Thank you Goldie and Jesús for letting us be part of such a special day, our best blessings for this new path together.

Long live love, aho!


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