Los cinturones atemporales de estilo boho-chic y made in Spain de los que te enamorarás esta primavera

The timeless boho-chic and made in Spain style belts that you will fall in love with this spring

The timeless boho-chic and made in Spain style belts that you will fall in love with this spring

Belts are one of the accessories that most stylize and highlight the figure of women, as well as being one of the most used accessories both to give a special touch to our look and to completely transform a very flat style, and that is, When we build a set of basic garments, the belt can give that touch of empowerment, freshness, color and style to the female figure.

In our family, this accessory has always been part of our growth and our essence as a brand, since the belt represents the central part of our figure and maximizes the essence of each body, making us feel safe, comfortable and beautiful.

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When our design team – made up of Merel, Goldie and Anna – decided to launch this creation, their main objective was very clear: to create timeless belts that could accompany women for life. For this reason, in this new collection, made in a small workshop in Alicante, you will be able to discover two unique models inspired by a boho-chic, western and rock style that you will fall in love with at first sight: the Salinas belt and the Jaguar belt.

Salinas Belt 

This belt, made in brown, beige and peach, has three key metal pieces: the buckle, the clasp and the toe, which goes around the waist and falls downwards to achieve that casual, bohemian and western touch. moving away from the conventional. Skirts, dresses, pants, jeans... give them a fresh and timeless air with this accessory full of organic designs and made with high-quality leather.

And it is that Salinas Belt will not only become a complement that will accompany you throughout your life -thanks to the possibility of making as many holes as you want- but, in addition, it will be a simple, flexible piece and easy to combine with the one that you will always feel very comfortable and powerful.

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Jaguar Belt

Jaguar Belt was born with the idea of ​​becoming a true artisan jewel, and it has been. This piece, made of the best quality black, brown and cream leather, has diluted decorations -placed one by one and by hand- on the sides to draw the eye into the center of the belt, as well as a rope-shaped buckle and some rounded finishes.

An accessory with a rocker air, a lot of texture and careful decorations, designed and created in detail with great taste and love.

world family ibiza

This spring feel the magic, style and craftsmanship of our firm, World Family Ibiza, with our Salinas Belt and Jaguar Belt!

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