Los imprescindibles de este verano: Berber Kaftan, Colibrí Dress y Money Belt Fringes

This summer's must-haves: Berber Kaftan, Colibrí Dress and Money Belt Fringes

Summer is here! and in this new blog article we want to share with you the timeless garments and accessories that will become your favorite looks to accompany you on a daily basis, at an event or on a special occasion. Colorful, handmade, bohemian and very inspirational, this is how the outfits made in World Family Ibiza are for this new season.

hummingbird dress

This dress is pure craftsmanship, nature, color and beauty. Inspired, as its name indicates, by hummingbirds, this unique piece has a tighter upper part and a lower part full of ruffles, feeling that sexy touch, but at the same time elegant when wearing it. In that smooth flight you can also appreciate the handmade embroideries that accompany it: a multitude of hummingbirds drawn with the colors of the rainbow and feathers that give it a delicacy, lightness and a very special flight.

world family ibiza

Colibrí Dress was designed years ago by Merel in her workshop, and thanks to the great reception it has had over time by the World Family Lady's, its essence has continued to accompany each new collection. This year, the hummingbird dress is available in two colours: aquamarine and peach pink, both in store and on our website.

Berber Kaftan

The camel berber kaftan is a very tasty and special piece because it is made with muslin fabric on the outside and very fine cotton on the inside, which makes it a fine, light, vaporous jacket and ideal for summer nights and for the days when temperatures give us a break. Its creation comes from the inspiration of the trips of the whole family through the Moroccan desert, when Merel and Alok traveled with all the children and their caravan hundreds of kilometers to find the fabrics, embroidery and fabrics of the most nomadic and authentic, where craftsmanship was the base and the beginning of everything.

world family ibiza

In this caftan you can find a design on the essence of our firm; about the little things that inspire us the most: the earth, the mountains, the moon, the stars and a sunset, as well as different Berber symbols. In short, a perfect kaftan to add a touch of color and freshness to any of your looks!

Money Belt Fringes

Fanny packs are, without a doubt, one of our best sellers for more than 20 years. It has been one of the first products we created and its inspiration comes from our first trips through Thailand, India, Peru and Mexico, when Merel and Alok were looking for small bags to store the most essential things. At that moment the idea arose to create a timeless and above all comfortable and practical fanny pack for day to day, and that is that in our Money Belt your essentials will always be with you because it has a main pocket to store your wallet, passport , the keys... and a somewhat secret pocket with a zipper for the mobile phone.

Despite being a design that has been part of World Family Ibiza for so many years, its shape has been changing and perfecting itself to become what it is today: one of your favorite leather bags, both for women and men with western style!

world family ibiza

In this photograph, Goldie is wearing one of the new models that have just arrived at the store and therefore are not on the web; It is a very limited edition of tribal and bohemian prints so... if you are looking for a handmade and practical bag for day to day you can send us a message through our Whatsapp: +34 621 325 204.

With all our love,

goldie and carlotta

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