Los regalos handmade más boho y especiales para esta Navidad están en World Family Ibiza

The most boho and special handmade gifts for this Christmas are at World Family Ibiza

One of the most special and unique times of the year is approaching, Christmas, and at World Family Ibiza we have created a small list with the most special, bohemian and unique options to give away on these dates: bags, accessories, jewelry, fragrances, aromatherapy ... different ideas with which to surprise.

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Christmas is a time when it is necessary to be warm and warm, so we have selected our BERBER COWBOY boots as one of the most special gifts on our list. These boots, handcrafted in Spain, are available in black with white touches and in beige with turquoise blue touches, two incredible options in which comfort and leather fabric prevail, to accompany any of your looks and give them this wild or rock touch!

Following this line of options, we also want to share with you our RUANAS made with 100% merino wool. Its touch, its warmth and its lightness will mean that you can combine it over a sweater, a jacket or even a dress. In addition to this accessory, on our website and store we also have a selection of QUETZALI VESTS made with Mongolian sheep hair in our workshop in Ibiza. All different, full of colours, light, padded and very tasty; and with our best quality cashmere SHAWLS , available in all colors and with tie dye prints.

To complete this selection of winter pieces we have two options of TRIBAL SOCKS , some finer and others with a thicker texture, ideal to be used at home or under a warm boot.

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For those who are looking to surprise with a handmade accessory in Ibiza, in our store and soon also on the web, you can find a selection of gold-plated artisan JEWELRY : bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings... created with a lot of love through stones energetic and designed to give a bohemian and free touch, as well as a large collection of very inspirational HATS , with different shapes, prints and also colors.

AROMATHERAPY is another of our gift ideas this Christmas; a source of vibrational essences of plants from Ibiza recharged with the energy of Es Vedrá, one of the energetic points of the island. An ideal option to increase vitality, happiness and to strengthen and protect the aura. You will love them!

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In this list of unique gifts for Christmas you cannot miss our selection of BAGS , in which we wanted to choose three types of accessories of different fabrics, patterns and sizes to show you the use that could be given to each one of them.

We have the CHEROKEE WALLET , a leather bag-portfolio with several compartments, a stone in the center and a handle to hang it from the shoulder or cross it; a small piece that does not take up too much space, ideal for storing the essentials.

AFGANI WALLET is another of the most outstanding options. This handbag has a smaller interior pocket and a removable handle to hang it if necessary. It has a leather fabric combined with a print brought especially from the tribes of Afghanistan and with colored bits sewn on both sides. Undoubtedly, a very special option, elaborated in detail and perfect for day to day.

Finally, our classic and unmistakable TIPI BAG , a lightweight and very significant bag in our family, which has accompanied us for years on our trips, as a bag for our children's trolley, as a sports bag or to store the laptop and the office essentials. A piece that you can give all the uses you can think of!

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Wishing you liked this small selection.

Remember that if you want to receive more information about any of our products you can send us a message through Instagram.

With all our love,

World Family Ibiza team

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