Suzani Vest, una joya de chaleco bordado que no podrá faltar en tu armario esta temporada

Suzani Vest, a jewel of an embroidered vest that cannot be missing from your wardrobe this season

Vests have become a trend to create beautiful, colorful and delicate looks, like our Suzani Vest. They are the perfect piece to add that touch of distinction to your clothes, and not only that, but, thanks to their great versatility, you can wear them at any time of the year, whether on top of a long or short monochrome dress in the months. warmer, over a white shirt with jeans, or even combine it with a warm sweater in winter. An accessory with so many possibilities that, without a doubt, it will be your best wardrobe!

Suzani Vest is a short beige cotton vest - we also have a green model, oversized and boho style, which has an embroidered suzani fabric in a lot of colors and shapes. This type of fabric comes from the area of ​​Uzbekistan and stands out especially for being completely hand-embroidered in a traditional way. In addition, it is reversible and has a very fine striped cotton interior in different colors, so you can also show it off by turning it over if you feel like it, with a more relaxed style.

On the front of the Suzani Vest you will see all kinds of bohemian and abstract drawings in different striking tones - such as yellow, lilac, blue or green - and two small pockets to store your essentials. Also some borders framing the silhouette of the vest itself. On the back, embroidered details are not lacking either, with flowers and leaves as the main protagonists of a piece with character and a lot of sensitivity.

All Suzani Vest pieces are unique, no two are the same. As for sizes, on our website you will find on the one hand the S/M and a little larger, the L/XL. As we have told you, they are handmade pieces, so all the irregularities that can be seen are part of their charm.

If you are looking for an accessory that provides that sophisticated yet different touch, the Suzani Vest will be your garment of the season; a safe bet to never stop shining.


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