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This is "Mediterranean character", our new collection of handmade and colorful footwear designed together with the firm Toni Pons

Footwear has always been a fundamental complement in our firm, which is why we decided to design a line of shoes that represented us, that was closely linked to the Mediterranean and, above all, a collection in which the colors, the tribal drawings, the symbols of the nomadic tribes and the flowers were very present.

It has been months of a lot of work, many tests and also changes, but finally, "Mediterranean character" is now available in all our stores and on our website:

There are five proposals for handmade footwear, made in Spain, that we have created, where embroidery, freedom of expression, tradition and quality stand out. “Lolita”, “Bereber” and “Benirrás” are the names we have chosen for this selection of espardenyes and menorquinas, which represent the beaches with turquoise waters of Ibiza and the dances under the starry nights.

world family ibiza i toni pons


Lolita represents our two dream espadrilles: “Bonita”, which has colored embroidery and a central flower with a heart inside, and “Rainbow”, drawn with geometries of many colors. Both are made of cotton and have a small 6-centimetre jute wedge, ideal to be able to wear them on a daily basis feeling comfortable, but without losing that touch of femininity and height.

world family ibiza i toni pons


Another of our Mediterranean-inspired designs has been the "Berber" model, available in two different versions: Leather and Stone. This leather shoe pays homage to traditional Menorcan sandals and features native thread embroidery. A practical model, very easy to combine and ideal for daily use.

world family ibiza i toni pons


The “Benirrás” sandal, created to show off with power and style, is another of the models we have designed. A leather shoe, full of thread-embroidered flowers, in silver color and inspired by the Benirrás cove, one of the most vibrant and energetic beaches in Ibiza, which has great meaning for our family, because, in this wild cove in the north Merel and Alok met. Here we also lived for years with our caravan and in its market we exhibited our first pieces of crafts. In addition, its sunsets, its improvised music sessions with the drums and of course its people, have been three great sources of illumination to create this unique piece.

world family ibiza i toni pons
Happy and excited, we also tell you that for us it has been very special to share a day together creating the photographs of the campaign, in which we have visited the most special places on the island, although without a doubt, the most beautiful thing of all has been creating a footwear collection together with another family that shares our values, our vision, our way of working and our main premise: to create unique pieces from the heart.

We hope that these espadrilles and menorquinas accompany you on your best adventures, yihaaaa!

With all our love and affection,

Merel, Goldie, Carlota, Gaya and Karuna

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