WFI food

World Family Ibiza Experience, a new concept in which fashion, gastronomy and music will merge in the same space!

World Family Ibiza Food is open every day from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. ♥️
Reserve your table 📞 +34 971 333 054

WFI food

World Family Ibiza Experience , a dream place where fashion will merge with gastronomy and music to make you live an authentic multicultural experience and travel through all the senses, without leaving this wonderful place located in kilometer 17.5 of the Sant Joan de Labritja road.

In this new project we seek to create a concept that all members of the tribe feel part of; a place in which to share dreams, new ideas, time and teamwork, because if we are clear about one thing, it is that together we form the best team of the world.

WFI food

For those of you who don't know us yet, we would like you to know that World Family Ibiza is a family firm that has created clothing and artisan accessories since 1999, when its founders, Merel and Alok, decided to start traveling around the world to collect fabrics from the most peculiar communities: native, Mexican, Afghan, African... .and thus be able to produce timeless pieces full of unique decorations. Now, with us, his six children: Goldie, Carlota, Asher, Rama, Gaya and Karuna, emerge in World Family Ibiza Experience with the idea of ​​showing the world an illusion that has always been very present.

World family ibiza food

Fashion, food and music It is the perfect name to understand what is happening. This place is the ideal space where you can enjoy a meal with friends, from a menu take away to go to the beach or simply where you can relax and disconnect from daily stress with live music. In addition, you can also stroll through the fashion boutique, where unique pieces await you that will transport you to the most exotic countries in the world at a glance.

Definitely, World Family Ibiza Experience is an authentic international experience where you will feel the essence of the mix of cultures, religions and traditions.

We are waiting for you with open arms and a big smile!