Bienvenidos a World Family Ibiza Food, un paraíso de paz y buenas vibraciones abierto durante todo el año

Welcome to World Family Ibiza Food, a paradise of peace and good vibes open all year round

Still don't know our little and magical paradise, located in the north of the island of Ibiza? World Family Ibiza food is a family project that has always been in our thoughts and in our prayers, and that just a few months ago became a reality with great enthusiasm, especially for Rama and Asher, who work hand in hand every day to create a nice place where everyone feels at home; a restaurant that combines food, fashion and music to become a unique and different space on the island, and best of all: open all year round!

World Family Ibiza

And it is that in this new concept of World Family Ibiza you will be able to find a large part of the family: Goldie and Carlota leading the fashion project with the best of their smiles, Rama and Asher, in the living room and in the kitchen respectively, and Merel and Alok creating a beautiful place every day, full of good energy, fresh flowers and a big hug every time a client comes to visit us.

Located at Kilometer 17 of Carretera de Sant Joan de Labritja, at World Family Ibiza you will find very different and varied dishes, with Mediterranean flavors and touches from the different continents of the world. In addition, in our proposal we bet every day on the local product of Kilometer 0, with vegan, vegetarian offers and... also with delicious dishes for the little ones!

During breakfast you cannot miss the wide variety of toasts with sourdough bread, açai bowls, scrambled eggs or our natural juices and smoothies, especially our special and unique Ice Coffee. Kimchi sandwich, prawns with chef's ginger, garlic and soy sauce, sirloin with yucca chips, beetroot gazpacho or homemade hummus with Moroccan bread are just some of our most authentic and tasty recipes, not forgetting our handmade desserts: apple pie , cheesecake, chocolate coulant... they are all a real temptation!

world family ibiza

Weekends are also very special. Firstly, because on Saturdays at noon we have our only chicken, lamb or vegetarian couscous and secondly because that night and on Sunday throughout the day, our grilled Argentinean meat with potato and sweet potato will delight your palate like never before, and if accompany any of our meats with one of our signature cocktails, it will be an incredible experience!

One of the main ideas that arose in our minds when we decided to create this World Family Ibiza Food is that it would have to be a place where everyone could feel at home, sharing with the family and, above all, that would represent what we are. ; our essence. For this reason, Merel got down to work to create a lounge and a terrace with the most colorful chill outs. Tribal, Mexican and Peruvian touches flood every corner with other decorative elements also made by hand. The ceiling, for example, is full of God's eyes, Mexican objects that symbolize protection. The knitted cushions, which Merel worked on for months, are also another of our most characteristic elements, and at the entrance, you will also be greeted by a pretty unicorn and a Thai Tuk Tuk, perfect for taking a souvenir photo.

world family ibiza

And now that you know all the magic and peace that surrounds our new place, all you have to do is come and enjoy it and feel it!

Remember that we are open throughout the year, from 08:00 to 00:00 and that you can reserve your table by calling +34 615 775 292. We also have different set menus for events, company dinners and celebrations... so if you want to reserve the place exclusively or celebrate an important event, you just have to tell us because at World Family Ibiza... everything is possible!

With all our love,

World Family Ibiza team

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