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Zuni Indian Fetish Necklaces and Semi-Precious Stone Heishi Necklaces

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Zuni Fetish Necklaces

The American Indians, west of New Mexico, have used fetishes throughout their history, and in these necklaces they have embodied and continue to embody their beliefs and wisdom.

On many occasions, these handmade jewels are adorned with feathers, turquoise or arrowheads to increase their power, and they reflect the cardinal guardian fetishes. The puma is the guardian of the north, the badger guards the south, the bear defends the west, the wolf is the guardian of the east, the mole is the guardian of the inner earth, and the eagle is the guardian of the sky. In addition to these animals, all carved in stone and by hand, in Zuni necklaces you can find other fetishes such as the buffalo, which represents the firm resistance to overcome one's own weaknesses, the butterfly, which represents beauty and transformation, the coyote, god western hunter who venerates humor and the ability to rebuild one's own mistakes, the duck, in honor of the spirits that are no longer there, or the falcon, which represents personal power and harmony, among others.

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These necklaces, integrated into a unique conception of the world and in harmony with nature and the family, are considered authentic works of art due to their difficult craftsmanship and, of course, amulets that will accompany you for life.

In our boutique you can find different models and sizes in various colors, with different animals superimposed one on top of the other, and other necklaces with more separated animals, combined with turquoise and brown stones in between.

world family ibiza

world family ibiza

Heishi necklace

The town of Santo Domingo, located in Sandoval, New Mexico, is the main producer of heishi beads, a word that comes from the Keresan and means shell. These pieces are circular, flat and thin, and stand out for being always cut by hand. With them beautiful necklaces are made like the ones we have available in our boutique in Ibiza; necklaces that sometimes contain more than 10,000 beads placed by hand, one by one, which implies a great craftsmanship of many hours.

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These Native American necklaces are unique and very special pieces, since they were the first artisan jewels that were created in this town and with which they became known throughout the world. They continue to be created with the same techniques used by their ancestors thousands of years ago, keeping the same way of work and beads, and being made according to the traditional methods of the Anasazi.

Its beautiful colors, coming from stones such as turquoise, extracted from the Cerrillos turquoise mines, located very close to Santo Domingo, give it great delicacy and finesse, adding a touch of color and freshness to any look . The design is based on beads placed in ascending order, with larger and more striking pieces at the front, combined with vertical beads in the center; authentic jewels with great value and a great history.

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