Descubre nuestra selección de prendas originales recolectadas de diferentes países del mundo a los que hemos viajado

Discover our selection of original garments collected from different countries of the world to which we have traveled

Traveling around the world to discover new fabrics, embroideries and garments is one of our greatest passions, and on those trips we always discover authentic treasures made entirely by hand, whether in markets, in small towns far from the city or even in stalls that we find. at the foot of the road when we drive with the caravan.

Pieces that we have discovered in countries like India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand... with incalculable value not only for their craftsmanship, but also for their difficulty in finding them, since, currently, this type of embroidery and work techniques It is no longer commonly practiced.

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In this small selection that we want to show you there are several traditional top dresses from the Rajasthan area, which have spectacular handwork and imperfect finishes; something that, from our point of view, makes them even more special and unique since there is a great history and antiquity in them. As you can see, these garments have

small mirrors placed throughout the dress and a combination of embroidery with a lot of color, which gives them a very different charm and beauty.

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Another of our most special pieces are these jackets worn by Goldie and Carlota. On the one hand, Goldie's handcrafted piece in bluish tones has several metal ornaments and shells placed one by one, which demonstrates the great work that is hidden behind this kind of warrior-style caftan.

On the other hand, the jacket in greenish tones -which is also available in blue- by Carlota is a very oversize garment, with a wide pattern that allows it to be worn over a coat, a dress with boots or even combined with a look sportier for day to day. In this piece, what stands out is, without a doubt, the number of tribal figures with embroideries made with threads of various colors. Authentic museum pieces that we cannot miss and that fascinate us because it is very, very difficult to find them in good condition!

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These dresses from Afghanistan, one short in maroon and two long in fuchsia and blue, are other treasures that we discovered on our trip. Light, very comfortable and with a very nice flare, as well as being made of cotton and with an embroidery on the front that also has little mirrors.

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Finally, we could not finish this blog without showing you one of our latest acquisitions. This unique skirt, because we only have one, made with hemp, hand-painted with natural dyes. We found her in the north of Thailand, in Chiang Mai, and we completely fell in love with her work!

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If you have also fallen in love with any of our pieces, you can contact us through a message on Instagram or through our Whatsapp: +34 621 325 204 to receive more details about each one of them.

As always, we want to thank you for all the support and love we receive every day, and of course also thank you for the impressive work of all our sister countries, whose techniques and fabrics are our source of inspiration every day; so thank you for creating such wonderful treasures.

With lots of love,

Goldie and Charlotte.

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