El baby blessing para bendecir y recibir a Shaya

The baby blessing to bless and receive Shaya

The baby blessing is a ritual to honor and bless the new parents, in this case Asher and Carla, and the baby on the way, Shaya. A ceremony that we celebrated all together in a yurt as a family and in contact with nature, full of spiritual and emotional connections, with which we put our best wishes and intentions to receive the baby.

For those of you who do not know, the baby blessing is an ancient original Native American tradition closely related to healing, the creation of a new life and harmony and peace. Its translation means "blessing of the womb" or "blessing of the path", since in this meeting what is sought is to give energy and strength to the pregnant woman, helping her through experiences, advice and experiences from other women in the family; a guide on that journey towards new motherhood.

We wanted to do it a little differently, so, although it is usual for women to meet on the one hand with the future mother, and men on the other with the future father, we thought it was very beautiful to celebrate it together and unite the two families.

We begin the baby blessing with a circle full of flowers, candles and music, and as you see, the future parents stand in the center. For the woman, we create a crown with natural flowers, we comb her hair, we give her a relaxing massage all over her body with essential oils and we connect with the moment and with the baby. Finally, we prepare a basin with water and rose petals to wash the feet of the future mother.

After these we sit again in a circle to begin the prayers and prayers. Here, one by one, we wish Shaya a good arrival into the world, we talk about our own experiences, our fears and we put our best intentions, accompanying it with symbolic gifts. This was a very special moment because in a little box we prepared all the clothes and toys for the babies that have been in our family. From Rama they went to Karuna, from Karuna to Onawa, from Onawa they went to Riu, from Riu to Quetzali and now from Quetzali to Shaya.

Before finishing, we all tied a red union thread on our wrist with three turns, one for each of them, with the idea of ​​uniting energies in the distance until the moment of birth. That's when we all cut it so that the path is light and flows in the most beautiful way possible.

To finish the ceremony, we enjoyed a small family snack, filling this new being, that new woman, that new man and that new family that was about to be born with blessings.

Shaya's arrival

Shaya means gift from God in Hebrew, a beautiful gift that came into our lives last June 1 on a sunny afternoon.

Welcome to the Shaya family, we love you with all our hearts!












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