El bolso Moonshine y el Es Vedrá clutch, dos complementos esenciales para esta primavera

The Moonshine bag and the Es Vedrá clutch, two essential accessories for this spring

With the arrival of spring and good weather also come the cheerful colors and beautiful designs of Goldie, like these two unique pieces that we want to share with you in detail today: the Moon Shine bag and the Es Vedrá clutch bag.


Moon Shine Bag

This large bag with a gaucho style and at the same time with a western touch, is a piece made entirely by hand and in leather, combined with spectacular antique colored fabrics in the central part, from different countries in the world such as Thailand or China. ; patterns that are very difficult to find today, since new generations do not usually work with handmade embroidery.


The Moonshine bag is very special and has great craftsmanship. It also has a rounded shape and its name was chosen by you through a survey we did on our Instagram, because as you already know, we love to make you participate in all our designs!

The details that can be seen around the entire bag are another of Moonshine's great features. Studs, silver decorations in the finishing area and a small silver center piece that gives it a very special touch are some of them, as well as a braided leather on the side that borders the entire bag and the handles. Of course, as you can see, both the braiding and the border that stands out and surrounds the entire bag are in a different color than the base so that the piece stands out much more visually.

The embroidery area is a small pocket, although inside, made with cotton textile to make it a light bag, you can also find two more, one with a pocket and another with a zipper, perfect for storing your daily essentials. Lastly, this bag also has two removable leather handles. A smaller one to be able to hang the bag on the shoulder and another adjustable one to carry it across the body as a shoulder bag.

Neceser Es Vedrá

For a long time you have asked us to design toiletry bags again, so... here is the Es Vedrá model!, available in a medium size and a smaller size, although there is not too much difference in size between the two. This piece, with a feather design, is a basic for storing anything, from summer creams to makeup, keys, glasses, money and phone, or even as a small pouch inside the large bag you carry. We sometimes take it with us to travel or to go to work.


To design it, Goldie has been inspired by nature and the fauna that always surrounds our island, charged with the magnetic energy of Es Vedrá, one of our favorite places in Ibiza. The design is based on three hand-cut leather feathers embossed in a different color, with a stud in the center that has a leather flower finish. In this toiletry bag we did not want to put an inner lining so that the leather would adapt and not be too rigid, so you will see that to the touch it is a type of high quality leather, very flexible, soft and comfortable.

The feather design is combined with prints of different colors on leather, in top-selling tones, very easy to combine with any look so you can always use it.

As always, from the World Family Ibiza team we want to thank you infinitely for all the love and support we receive towards our project every day, and we hope that these new designs transmit and fulfill you as much as they do us.

Remember that, if you want to see more photos about them or a video in detail, you can contact us through a message on our Instagram.

With all our love,

World Family Ibiza team

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