Estos son los bolsos originales de distintas etnias del mundo perfectos para el verano

These are the original bags from different ethnicities around the world, perfect for summer

Betting on the most traditional techniques and materials, at World Family Ibiza we wanted to have a small collection of light and fresh bags, perfect for summer, this season; pieces in sweet and earthy colors that recover the ancient patterns and delicacy of bags made entirely by hand by different communities around the world.


In our relentless search we have found these masterful pieces, handmade in Colombia by Wayúu artisans. The truth is that they are much more than a complement, since each one of them tells an ancestral story. They have been handcrafted in crochet by this indigenous people who live in the Guajira area, they are a little elastic and the time it takes to make them is at least 20 days. Quite a job!

The designs of each bag are a pure reflection of their culture and origins; a way of expressing life as they feel and want it, that is why in each of them you will always find geometric drawings that represent them.


Traveling Bag is a travel bag made with 100% cotton and embossed with thick thread; an embroidery made entirely by hand in different colors and with different prints that recall Indian culture and its delicate designs.

Although they all have a square structure, the design of each one is completely different, no two are alike.

A unique, very special, and especially light accessory, which you can give endless uses to. From carrying it as a beach, gym or travel bag, to as a work bag or to carry the baby's things.

It has a striped cotton interior lining, a zipper to close it and has been designed to be worn over the shoulder with its two straps, which protrude from the bottom of the bag.


The Lotus Bag is made with the fibers of the lotus flower. Its process consists of drying these fibers, which are also very resistant, to later create small intertwined knots that resemble a crochet-like grid.

Lotus Bag is a translucent shoulder bag, which gives it its special touch since you can perceive everything it houses inside. It weighs absolutely nothing and is ideal for summer. You can use it as a bag for shopping, to go to the beach or for everyday use.

All of these pieces are medium-large in size and have a handle to hang them over the shoulder. The Traveling Bag is now available on our website. If you want to receive more information about the Wayuú Bag or Lotus Bag, you can contact us through our Instagram.

With all our love,

World Family Ibiza team




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