Feliz Día de la Tierra, nuestra Madre Tierra

Happy Earth Day, our Mother Earth

Today we would like to wish you a very happy Universal Earth Day: our Mother, our Gaia, our Pachamama!

My name is Alok and I am the father of World Family Ibiza . A task that I carry out as a team, together with my great partner Merel and my six children whom I am lucky to see grow every day. Together we honor this dream that is life: the greatest gift of our Mother Earth.

As if that were not enough, I also have the great certainty and security of being one of the brothers of this great family that we form among all living beings on the planet. That is why today, April 22 , I felt the need to share my first thoughts this morning with you:

Dear Mother Earth, how beautiful (and how minimal) that there is a day dedicated to you. A day that gives us the opportunity to connect with you, to thank you and to speak to you from the heart, because you germinate the world.

You give us shelter under a sky of sun, moon or stars.

You are the mother of mothers. Mother of all Real mother and without asking for anything in return.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live. Thank you for taking care of us and for letting us be part of you. Thank you for everything you offer us and everything you do for us.

What a joy to know that we are here today thanks to you and that we are part of your essence! What a joy to know that this is an endless cycle in which all living beings live together and that one day we will disappear to return to you!

Dear Mother Earth, today I also felt sadness for not being connected.

Sadness for the mistreatment to which we subject you. You, who should be revered, well-fed and respected, suffer a real grievance every day, which makes me deeply sad to see how little we thank you for the soil, air, water and sustenance that you process for us every day.

You should be untouchable and that is why today we men apologize and we promise that we will try to return part of what you have given us. In these letters, this morning, on this day that is yours, I promise to spread a message of love and return to your being to reverse all the chaos that we have caused.

Today I would like to ask you once again: patience.

Patience to know what you deserve.

Patience because humanity has been here with you for a very short time. Patience to learn.

I love you and I adore you. I know who you are and I know what you give us.

Pachamama. Mother Earth. Our Gaia.

I congratulate you and thank you for everything you do for us.

I hug you.

Happy Day. Happy Life.


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