La inspiración nómada berber, tendencia esencial de esta colección cápsula de estilo natural y country

The nomadic Berber inspiration, essential trend of this capsule collection of natural and country style

When creating new handmade and unique pieces, at World Family Ibiza, inspiration varies according to the different moments in which we find ourselves. Sometimes we create with many striking contrasting colors, many times it is the flowers and the most bohemian spirit that star in our designs, and other times, as in this collection, it is the Berber communities, nomads of the Moroccan desert, who inspire us to create authentic treasures. made completely by hand.

To give shape to these very special pieces, our design team, formed by Goldie and Merel, has gone back in time, remembering those unforgettable trips that we made as a family with our caravan throughout the West, taking as reference the Berber symbols and tones. desert natives; a timeless, elegant collection, easy to combine with other garments and that give a lot of light and harmony to any wardrobe thanks to fluid designs with colors that take us to pure nature.

Berber Bag

The Berber bag has been one of our most special creations, because in it, the most typical features of this natural and country style collection are hidden: a bag made entirely of leather, with interior and zippered pockets, embroidered Berber style symbols with thread on the front, original silver flower-shaped beads to give a touch of contrast both in front and on the wider handle - designed to be able to carry the bag on the shoulder if you wish -, and small silver studs to give a more powerful, unique and different touch.

Berber Bag also has an adjustable handle that can be attached or removed, sewn with a wax thread, which gives it more firmness and durability. The braiding, very typical of our artisanal way of working, is another of the most special features of this bag. You can see it around the entire Berber bag and also bordering the handle.

Without a doubt, an essential for your wardrobe both for everyday life and for a special occasion!


Alok's Wallet Berber

With the same design and inspiration, but in a smaller format, this is the Alok's Wallet Berber. A handmade piece, the latest and newest in this collection, very comfortable, in which you can store your essentials without losing a bit of your style. This bag has two sections inside, with a zipper and also an adjustable handle that you can put on or take off, depending on your tastes. This way you can wear it as a handbag, hanging on the shoulder or crossbody. Versatile, stylish and most original!

Tribe Kaftan

If this kaftan stands out for something, it is for its vaporousness and comfort. Inspired by the Berbers' own clothing, this nightgown has such characteristic details as colored fringes on the bottom, light puffy sleeves, braided embroidery, a central design of native crosses, and buttons on the neckline and sleeves. , combined with a brown fabric much darker than the kaftan itself for contrast.


Berber Leather Sandals

The fusion of the Mediterranean character, so typical of our island, is fused with Berber to give rise to these special Menorcan sandals, made entirely of leather. They have a native and Berber embroidery in dark brown thread that runs throughout the sandal, from the upper to the back strap. This piece has been created together with the Spanish brand Toni Pons, where together we wanted to represent freedom, lightness, tradition and of course, craftsmanship, something very typical of both brands.

Berber Cowboy

If we are fascinated by Berber Cowboy boots for something, it is because they are the perfect accessory for any time of the year. In addition to being an iconic piece in our family, cowboy boots are ideal because they can be perfectly combined with a dress, pants, skirt... with any garment!

These Berber Cowboy, made together with Sendra, have very special handmade finishes, such as braiding on the upper part, Berber symbols throughout the body of the boot and a finish on the back of the sole, which reads World Family Ibiza engraving.

Immerse yourself in the Berber world and give a touch of originality and style to your looks with this timeless collection. Remember that if you want more information about any piece, you can contact us through a direct message on our Instagram or send us a WhatsApp at +34 667 90 17 39.

With all our love,

World Family Ibiza team


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