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The skirts of World Family Ibiza, a tradition from generation to generation

At World Family Ibiza we have always stood out for extolling and enhancing the figure and femininity of women, and in our family, this unique and special garment has always accompanied women in their most important moments. From grandmother Oma Joke from a very young age to mother Merel, passing through Goldie, Carlota, Gaya and Karuna. Skirts have always been an empowering piece! For this reason, they have become a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, which we hope we can also pass on to our daughters.

The most beautiful thing about designing and making a skirt is the number of uses that we can give it depending on how we combine it. Sometimes we can wear it with a more romantic style, sometimes more candid and sometimes more elegant, whatever it may be, the skirt is a garment that represents us and accompanies us in our day to day.


The Santa Fe skirt is a unique piece that encompasses traditions from different parts of the world in a single garment. Goldie, designer of the Santa Fe Skirt, shared with the family that she was inspired by Native American symbology and traditions to design it. “Since I was 12 years old, I have always been fascinated by the incredible culture of the different tribes. In this skirt I wanted to capture the symbols that most represent me”, and if there is something special about the Santa Fe skirt, it is that in it you can find all kinds of hand-sewn drawings, made with glass balls and in a cotton fabric lightweight, perfect for summer.

World Family Ibiza skirt

Symbols such as the arrow, which represents strength and clarity, the feathers, which speak of freedom and lightness of movement, the eagle, strong and warrior, which shows our multicultural vision, the Hopi sun, a symbol of enlightenment and power, and the cactus, which symbolizes nature and the beauty of simplicity, are some of the drawings that make up this skirt.


The creation of this incredible skirt began after we released our dream dress: Gypsy Dream Dress. “After Merel created the dress of my dreams, I wanted to create the garment with the same inspiration as the skirt because they are authentic textile jewels, and also a skirt is a very versatile and easy-to-use piece for any occasion”, says Goldie.

The translation of Gypys Skirt is "a bohemian dream in a skirt", and it is so for many reasons. One of them is because the pattern of the garment has an opening on the front side, which gives it a sexy and chic touch, flattering the feminine figure. Another of them is his meticulous work, which includes different work and embroidery techniques, with many hours of dedication and patience.

World Family Ibiza skirt

Gypsy Skirt is currently available in two colours: aqua turquoise and desert sand, and is inspired by spring and romanticism. It has a work of glass balls sewn one by one by hand, giving it a weight and a very beautiful and elegant fall. The origin of the design of these flowers comes from those that Merel always draws in her moments of inspiration and that are always present in the history of the family, be it in the paintings, in the painting of our house or in our Namasté party.

These timeless pieces are designed and produced to accompany you for many years, and to pass from generation to generation, as in our case, becoming something special that unites the women of the family.

From Ibiza with much love,

the family!

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