Namaste, una fiesta que nace del amor a la música, al arte, a la familia y a nuestra isla

Namaste, a party that is born from the love of music, art, family and our island

For many of you it will be familiar; For others perhaps not so much. But what we are sure of is that, as soon as you walk through the doors of Namaste, you will all feel at home. Because Namaste is not only a party, it is an ode to creativity; a musical temple that welcomes you and embraces you, full of artistic and visual performances, musical performances and sensory journeys that will seduce you from beginning to end.

Namaste is our party, but it is also the party of all of you who join us every summer Wednesday – children, fathers, mothers, brothers, grandparents... – for 26 years now, to honor and thank life; at the moment.

Namaste is an event with a bohemian essence and a free soul where everyone is welcome. Here the good energy is contagious and you can breathe in each of its spaces. Pachamama is one of the most special. With the opening ceremony, asking permission from the four elements – fire, earth, water and air – we begin the night, we are grateful for each encounter and each moment, and we give way to the performances that are yet to come.

Live music created by artists from different parts of the world: Mexico, Argentina, Asia, America...where instruments and voice take on a great role.

In addition to this area, in Namaste you can also find small clothing stalls, children's entertainment, food trucks with different types of cuisine and the outdoor garden room, where every night international and local DJs liven up the evening with their music. Among them our beautiful Gaya Brisa, who is also in charge of programming and managing artists to create a billboard worthy of being enjoyed in company. At his side is the youngest of the family, Karuna. Many times you can dance to their music in a B2B, the two of you together!

After midnight, the party continues at the Akasha club. Surprising visual projections, spectacular sound, lights that pierce through the sounds and an energy so vibrant that it will be impossible for you to stop moving, smiling, feeling...

Namaste is, in short, a place to experiment, where beautiful hearts meet, connect and expand through music and feelings, celebrating that we live and that we exist; that what is important is the here and now.

If you are in Ibiza and you would like to come and enjoy our Namaste party with us, we will wait for you every Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. at Las Dalias in Ibiza. You can get your tickets in advance at this link or on the same day at the box office. Let's go dance!

With all our love,

World Family Ibiza team













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