Nuestro Sababa Dress, un vestido de ensueño repleto de toques tribales con el que sentir la magia del verdadero estilo

Our Sababa Dress, a dream dress full of tribal touches with which to feel the magic of true style

It's official! Our Sababa Dress, one of your favorite dresses, is back in white and brown, and very soon it will also be back in black.
Its delicacy, its texture, its shape and its composition have made it an essential garment in every wardrobe, but do you know the story behind this design?
Here we tell you!

The Sababa Dress was created in 2019 by me, Goldie, when my mother Merel asked me to help develop the unique and special collection that we launched at that time, which also included garments such as the Gypsy Skirt or the Santa Fe Skirt. , two unique skirts full of embroidery and colors.

At that time I was only dedicated to the design of accessories such as boots, purses or belts, although I always watched all the creation processes that my mother developed in our home workshop. That same day Merel told me, "I think the time has come for us to design a whole collection together", and so it was, I sat next to her in the field, we put on our favorite music, we took all the colored pencils, various papers in white –because yes, we continue to design many of our garments by hand and in sheets– and I let my imagination run wild.

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The truth is that the inspiration did not stop flowing, so in a matter of hours and without even being aware of it, I had created one of the dresses of my dreams, the Sababa Dress, whose name means "everything is going well" in Israeli and born from the fusion of different cultures.

This design has been inspired, above all, by the ethnic groups that work with beads, little glass balls that are sewn by hand, and which are also very representative in countries like Mexico, especially in the most indigenous tribes of the country, known as the Huichols, the Tarahumaras or the Cucapás, who continue to work with the same techniques as their ancestors.

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Sababa Dress arose with the intention of representing freedom, beauty, elegance, strength and that daring and wild side of every woman; unified values ​​in the same garment to make you feel the magic of true style. In addition, it has an incredible irregular cotton fabric, fresh and full-bodied, and with thread embroidery that will make you feel comfortable and confident.
Undoubtedly, a perfect option for a special occasion, both day and night.

With this dream garment, in which you can feel and vibrate the colors of Mexico, the unique fringes of the Amazon of Brazil and the design of the Native Americans, you will also be able to feel the magic of our brand, our family essence and, above all, everything, our artisan and multicultural character.

With all my love and affection,


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