Piezas únicas y artesanales de inspiración nativa y bereber, así es nuestra nueva colección

Unique and handmade pieces of native and Berber inspiration, this is our new collection

We can finally tell you that our new collection is here!

This year we have created a selection of unique garments, very versatile, comfortable and full of embroidery, inspired by native tribes and Berber ethnic groups, with which you can feel the earthy colors of the pure desert and the brightest and most vivid tones of the bird. of water; a new collection with a lot of meaning and feeling in which we wanted to represent the symbols that have accompanied us throughout our journey and our history as artisans.


The Water Bird Bag , 'water bird', is the protagonist and central design of this new bag that we have created. This unique piece is the same size and shape as the Tipi Bag we designed a few years ago and is available in two colours, beige and earth brown. For the Native Americans, this bird is a very important symbol in their lives, since it symbolizes the beginning of something new and also represents the connection with the ancestors, with the grandparents and with the pacha mama.

Water Bird Bag is created with a special embroidery and has other very significant elements such as feathers or the four elements, in very striking colors that contrast with the background; A lightweight bag ideal for many uses. In our family we use it as a bag for baby things, to travel and also to go to the beach!



The Berbers are a tribe from the Moroccan desert with whom we share many memories and who have been a great source of illumination to create the Jeans Berber Shirt , a two-tone unisex shirt, denim and off-white, inspired by the first trips we made with our caravan throughout the West. In this shirt we have wanted to capture all those memories: the change of moons, the stars of direction, the rising sun, the dunes... it also has an embroidery on the bottom part: 'World Family Ibiza' and with very special details that will make this timeless piece one of the treasures in your closet.



Lightness, comfort, boho chic style, craftsmanship, culture... this is 'the tribe kaftan ' , a flowing garment in earth tones, inspired by the clothes of the berbers. This nightgown has details such as colored fringes at the bottom, with baggy sleeves to provide looseness and with braided embroideries and buttons. This design has been inspired by the fusion of traditions from different parts of the world and worked with various artisan techniques full of history.

In addition, this kaftan combines perfectly with our Berber Leather Sandals , designed to be used every day, with a very native design and made of the best quality leathers.

Discover the rest of the clothes and accessories from our new collection at: https://www.worldfamilyibiza.shop/ and immerse yourself in the magical and multicultural universe of World Family Ibiza!

With all our love,

World Family Ibiza team

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