Timeless Beauty, la colección más atemporal de World Family Ibiza

Timeless Beauty, the most timeless collection of World Family Ibiza

Timeless Beauty , a new creation that, more than a collection, is a selection of very special and timeless garments, with no expiration date and intended to be worn for a lifetime.

As inspiration we have based ourselves on two ideas, as always, firstly, the woman and, secondly, a great source of life: the Amazon.

Empowerment through clothing

In this new project we want to reflect our inner strength and beauty in tune with the outside. In this way, we want to extol the figure of women so that those who trust our garments are able to see themselves better, thanks to designs full of color and created with elements from different cultures.

Dressing in unique garments empowers us and gives us back an image of who we really are, in a society where what is common is to be "normal" and not different . We want you to be able to stand out with elegant, bohemian, colorful, handmade and elaborate pieces with a lot of love .

The Amazon, the inspiration that reminds us of our Mother Earth

For the pieces in this collection we were also inspired by one of the greatest natural resources on our Earth: the Amazon . Thanks to this source of life, this new collection is filled with colour, as well as images of animals and plants.

We want to connect you with everything that surrounds you and merge the beauty of nature and life with each embroidery, textile and pattern that we have used in bags, shirts, jackets, skirts or belts.


Creation, inspiration and Timeless Beauty

When the moment of creation arrived, we sat at a table in the middle of the field, put on music from different tribes and let our imagination run wild for hours and days. During the process we use colors and blend textures.

This is how Timeless Beauty was born , which means timeless beauty , a collection that we hope will make you very happy and authentic .

With love,

goldie and merel

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