World Family Ibiza

World Family Ibiza, the most multicultural, free and artisan firm on the white island

After sharing four years of my life with them, in this article I want to tell you what, for me, Andrea – Rama's partner – is World Family Ibiza, so I will start by telling you the story that goes back a long time.

World Family Ibiza

In the heart of the north of the island of Ibiza, lived - and lives - a family of designers led by its two pillars, Merel and Alok, who together with their six children began in the world of fashion moved by the unconventional.

Fleeing from monotony and with great enthusiasm to exploit their creativity, they embarked on the project of their lives: World Family Ibiza, a family business based on teamwork and a passion for mixing colors and culture.

Its history goes back 22 years, when in 1999 they began selling their own collections at the emblematic Las Dalias hippie market. At that time, no one imagined that what began as a small way of subsisting would become a philosophy of life with which many people felt –and feel– very identified.

After years of success with their stall at the market, they decided to build their special and magical store 'In the Campo', not knowing that it would become the final touch to a fashion firm that continues to grow and transmit its good energy. And it is that, for me, World Family Ibiza not only represents one of the most iconic families on the island but also one of the most cosmopolitan, authentic and inspirational fashion brands in Spain that, with its constant dedication and commitment to craftsmanship have known how to conquer our hearts.

World Family Ibiza

For a short time now, I have also had the pleasure of being part of World Family Ibiza not only as a member of the family, but as part of the team. Working with Carlota and Goldie has been a wonderful experience in which every day we share our enthusiasm for fashion and for transmitting who we really are: freedom, multiculturalism and craftsmanship.

With all my love and affection,


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