WorldFamily Ibiza, almas nómadas en el corazón de la isla

WorldFamily Ibiza, nomadic souls in the heart of the island

Welcome to the blog! My name is Merel and I would like to open the doors of our home and introduce you to my family and everything behind WorldFamily Ibiza. An international fashion firm, based on a particular way of seeing life and enormous respect and passion for designing garments made with the heart.

22 years ago I undertook this adventure with my travel companion, Alok . He is the one who inspired me to dream and make all our crazy things come true. Since we met, we have designed our destiny, weaving each of our dreams and turning our project into a particular lifestyle.
This is how WorldFamily Ibiza was born, a family business that since 1999 and thanks to strong values ​​of union, freedom and harmony, has sold crafts and dreams to half the world.

From the beginning, the style of WorldFamily Ibiza has managed to capture the interest of the most relevant magazines in the sector such as Vogue, Elle, VanityFair, Woman or Hola and parade for the great catwalks of the international fashion scene. As well as winning over clients such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, Elsa Pataky, Emma Watson, Úrsula Corberó, Inés Doménech, Paula Echevarría or Mónica Naranjo, among others.
Today WorldFamily Ibiza also has an online store from which it sells pieces on five continents, with a wonderful and surprising boutique, located in the north of the island, in Sant Joan de Labritja.

A way of life based on happiness
Traveling freely, discovering hidden treasures, embracing different cultures and living every minute intensely enjoying the infinite colors, smells, flavors, textures and musical forms that life gives us is what makes us happiest. And it is that Alok and I consider ourselves lucky and we feel very grateful to be able to travel and grow every day with our six children : Carlota, Goldie, Gaya, Asher, Rama and Karuna, and of course, with my mother, Grandma Joke .

The origins of a family of artists

To understand our story, you have to go back to the day I met Alok , under a sunset on the virgin beach of Benirrás , in Ibiza. We were two free spirits recently arrived on the island, we fell in love as soon as we saw each other and since then we have not separated again. We created a teepee to live in, with our own hands and that was the beginning of a wonderful life: we made bonfires inside every night and we connected intensely with the nature of Ibiza until we also fell in love with this land.

The elaboration of artisan pieces came from the strong need, which was growing inside me, to show the world everything I could create. In this way, Alok and I undertook our first trip together to Morocco, where we bought a truck and collected fabrics. and precious objects to start making our first bags. Passionate about creating those accessories full of color and magic from one of the most important cultures in the world, we returned to Ibiza to sell them impromptu, on Benirrás beach. This is how the first “place” of WorldFamily Ibiza was born.

Our passion for traveling and learning from different societies, in addition to that special ability to recognize beauty in authentic things and create different pieces, were essential qualities that we wanted to pass on to our children.

Focused on creativity, spirituality and sensitivity to small details, we continue our path year after year and always together through India and other unique corners of the planet. From those spontaneous “markets” on the beaches, we now have one of the favorite stalls for travelers and celebrities from all over the world in the well-known Las Dalias market , in Sant Carles de Peralta (and which we still maintain today with the same essence). ).

In 1999, parallel to the birth of the fashion brand, we got together with some friends and we agreed that at that time Ibiza was demanding a place to go to enjoy and share, all together, both children and adults, a summer night under the stars, in an open and casual atmosphere. This is how Namasté was born, a party with music and positive energy for audiences of all ages, cultures and classes that today continues to be held every Wednesday of the season in the garden of this authentic hippie market in Sant Carlos.

WorldFamily Ibiza, Ibizan fashion icon

Proud to have achieved the challenging dream of creating this family business, from union, respect and passion for designing one hundred percent handmade garments, inspired by our incredible trips and hand-embroidered with fabrics and accessories collected from around the world, WorldFamily Ibiza It has always stood out for being a ray of light and color on the famous white island.

For us, Ibizan fashion will always be special, a hallmark that we carry in our DNA. Here both natives and foreigners dress differently, feeling truly free. But the truth is that our goal is that each one of those who wear one of our clothes feel that they are rescuing the original spirit of Ibiza and that they acquire a unique and timeless piece.

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